Ramz just released his debut EP but will the other songs in his EP match the success of Barking and Family Tree?

Ramz starts his debut EP, Blockbuster, with a classic Ramz melody that replicates the feel-good summer vibe that was in Barking. Sunday is a chill song that you can imagine blasting in the car this summer. The EP then switches to two songs that Ramz fans will know very well, Family Tree and Hold You Down. There’s not much to say about these songs except they give the Ramz harmony drip with some rap sprinkled in as well. In this EP, I did wish Ramz had some more features but it is understandable that he doesn’t with his first EP.


He’s tried to stick to his roots and his biggest songs including Barking, which also features in the EP, has no artists featuring and we already know how big of a song it was last year. It shows that a year into him being a household name in the UK rap scene that he doesn’t need a big artist on the track with him for the song to bang. The only song in Blockbuster that does have an artist featuring is Don’t You Play With Me. It is by far my favourite song on Blockbuster. It hypes me up whilst listening to the EP in full and avoids the dip in energy that happens in some albums or EPs. LD is a great choice of artist to collaborate with and their voices compliment each other well in the track. It looks like Ramz has finally got a song where a moshpit might happen when he performs. This energy flows well into the next song, Barking, which of course, everyone knows. It’s a banger that everyone can vibe to whether that’s when it first came out last year or in the next few months.


Next up on Blockbuster is You’re Mine. Mnelia stands out in the track and her voice works well with the beat that Crumz produced. The song starts off chill with Mnelia then Ramz comes in with the rap which is nice as it switches it up from the normal Ramz melody. Dial Tone has a summery chorus and my favourite ending in Blockbuster. The ending of Dial Tone works well with the start of the last song in the EP, Praise You. The song is my least favourite on the EP but that does not mean it is not a great song. He set himself a high barrier with this EP which I think he has matched. Blockbuster is not the best EP of all time but it was never going to be.


As his first big piece of music, it’s impressive. This showcases what Ramz is capable of and he will only improve from this first EP. Blockbuster is a chill, feel-good EP and has no bad vibes, just good energy.

Photo via Twitter:@RP_Ents

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