Photography, as an artform, goes beyond pointing a camera, pressing click and posting on Instagram. But nowadays, some phones have high-spec camera, so is the job of a photographer really necessary?

New Narrative share our go-to photographers who prove photography is a gift to humanity and make us fall in love with the mode all over again.

Josiah Hyacinth - mr200_

Josiah Hyacinth – @NoirVisuals

Josiah is a Lifestyle YouTuber, known as Mr200_, Speaker and Photographer. After building a platform on YouTube for creating relatable content, he went on to photography and videography, through his NoirVisuals Instagram account. He is also an accomplished creative director and has produced projects for different artists and organisations including YouTube Black and Nike.





Paula Abu - Narcography

Paula Abu – Photo by Iilayda Mcintosh –

Paula Abu – @Narcography

Paula is a big ‘Black Twitter’ favourite. Being self-taught, female, black and young has made her creative journey one everyone respects. Alongside photography and videography, Paula is the Creative Director of literary arts platform, Filmore’s Floor and runs the Playback Podcast with two other hosts. New Narrative recently interviewed her – view our interview here.





Emmanuel Ayoola - Faith TalksEmmanuel Ayoola – @EmmanuelAyoolaPhotography

Emmanuel is a creative who wears multiple hats. He is a wedding, events and portrait photographer. He is a Faith and Lifestyle YouTuber, known as Faith Talks. He also founded and runs a NGO charity on a mission to create sustainable development and provide resources in Sierra Leone called Grace Sustains Africa.





Alex FondersonAlex Fonderson – @Ogaikome

Alex is an insanely talented city and landscape photographer. If you follow him on Instagram, you get used to seeing him shooting at night or early morning to get those insane sunset or sunrise shots. Alex and his photography is an example of photography as art – and not simply pointing a camera at something and pressing the shutter button. Check out his online store to shop his prints here.



Faisal 'Tre' ShahFaisal ‘Tre’ Shah – @faisaltreshah

Faisal is a fantastic street and portrait photographer based in London. His photos seem to always be perfectly timed because he manages to capture the beautiful everyday life moments. A freelance creative director, his cliente is very impressive and includes Nike, TedX and Mercedes-Benz.





Theresa MachariaTheresa Macharia – @theresamacharia

Theresa is an amazing photographer, who basically does it all. She is based in the country’s capital, London. Her Instagram feed is both beautifully and effortlessly curated, littered with a mixed of lifestyle blogger photography and fashion editorial shots. We love a photographer who keeps us guessing!




DB capturesDaniel Oluwatobi – @dbCaptures

Daniel is another one with multiple creative hats. He is an event and lifestyle photographer, videographer, musician, YouTuber and has a podcast. Wow. This all-round creative guy has been working on his craft since he was 16 and is known for always producing quality content.





Shay RotiShay Roti – @shayroti

Shay is known for producing visually striking images that make you stop and stare. Her portfolio includes a mixture of portraits and landscapes. She says, “I capture photos, worthy of memoirs” and her photos definitely show that. Recently and notably, she took photos of Sheffield’s outgoing Major, Majid Majid, on his last day in office.


Papa IreIre Akinfisoye – @papaire

Ire is an amazing portrait and products photographer. Whether the image is in black and white or vivid with colour, every photo he posts is clean and fresh. He is definitely the only photographer who can make you sit and stare at pictures of trainers like they are the best thing of the world. If that isn’t talent, I don’t know what is.





Dorothy TamunoDorothy Tamuno – @dorothy________

Dorothy was one of the first photographers who made me realise that photography is an art to be admired and celebrated. Her photos seem to capture the beauty of life in the most real, unsuperficial way. Hearing her story, about how she picked up a camera out of necessity, emphases how she is doing exactly what she should be doing!