I don’t know about you,  but when I’m asked who my favourite BAME journalists are or those who have inspired me,  I could be here all day- but nobody has time for that. So New Narrative have compiled a list of five BAME journalists who have killed or are still killing the industry.

Trevor McDonald.

We couldn’t do this list without mentioning the OG of broadcast journalism. He is best known for presenting ITN’s ‘News at Ten’ and ‘Tonight with Trevor McDonald’. For many of us, he was the first black prominent news presenter we had seen on national television and, he is someone we still admire today. Aside from the news, he has produced several documentaries, covering the Caribbean, death row and infamous killers, with his latest one being the story of serial killers Fred and Rosemary West. If you haven’t watched it already, then I would definitely recommend it!

Charlene White

Another one of our favourites has to be Charlene White, who was the first black female presenter of ITV ‘News at Ten’. We stan. She is now one of their senior news presenters and has continuously spoken out about her past life experiences, her path into journalism (without sugarcoating) and she always supports other journalists. We love a black woman who lifts up others.

Tazeen Ahmad 

Tazeen Ahmed is a BAFTA- nominated TV presenter, reporter and writer who has worked for ITN, NBC, BBC and Channel 4. She has worked as an investigative reporter for Channel 4’s Dispatches, producing documentaries looking into sex gangs in the UK, as well as exposés on the fashion world and cosmetics industry.  In 2009, she released her first book entitled ‘The Check-out Girl’, detailing her findings of working undercover in a supermarket during the recession. She is really passionate about emotional intelligence and investing in the next generation of female journalists and broadcasters.

Naga Munchetty

Naga is a television presenter and journalist, who regularly presents ‘BBC Breakfast’ and has presented ‘BBC World News and ‘Victoria Derbyshire’. In 2016, she narrated the documentary ‘Fear and Faith in Paris’ looking at the anti-Semitic attacks in Paris and its impact on the French Jewish community.

Reggie Yates

Last but not least is Reggie Yates. In the last few years, he has become well known for his award-winning and nominated documentaries, such as his ‘Extreme Russia’ series and ‘Reggie Yates:The Insider.’ However, his career started at a very young age, when he made his first television appearance in the comedy Desmond at just eight years old. Since then, he has gone on to be involved in children’s programming, presenting Top of the Pops and hosting his own radio show on BBC Radio. His work serves as a reason why many wanted to work within broadcast journalism. Aside from his vast career, he is also very good looking, which makes watching his documentaries worthwhile.

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