Game of Thrones has ended. Yes, I’m still in shock too. Hopefully channeling your inner Jon Snow or Daenerys will help you get your dream job. Here’s how to do it.

Use a map to strategize your way to the top.

Using a mind map can help you try to visualise what you need to do that day. Mind Node and Mind 42 are some of the best to use. If you think you have a massive piece of work to deal with like applying for lots of jobs then breaking it down will help. You can’t just defeat the Night King without a good plan.


Overcoming the wall.

Everyone gets some sort of block. Whether it is a creative block when you are making something or you are hitting the wall of rejection again and again, don’t worry it happens to everyone. You may not have a zombie dragon to melt the wall for you but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Have a break and do something else to distract you. Have a go at it later and use that new energy to destroy that wall.


Focus on the positive things.

If you are trying to deal with a job rejection and are starting to think you want to pack it in and are going crazy in your room saying Hodor constantly, then calm down and focus on the positive things that have happened. Yes, you might have not got the job, but look at the feedback and see the positives. Even looking at this article is a positive because it shows that you are caring about your career prospects.


Be confident.

Lyanna Mormont is one of the most confident characters in the series. Yes she’s young but she leads Bear Island like a young boss and knows that she’s good at her job. So make sure you know your worth and if you get a task that is difficult, remember that you got to where you are for a reason.


Get advice.

Do you know who your hand is? Maybe don’t give them a pin, that might be overkill. Make sure you have a mentor who you can get advice from when applying for jobs or ask them what to do to become even more employable. Make sure you listen to their advice. They are in the position they are in for a reason. Daenerys knows what happens when you don’t listen to your advisor.



Make sure you use these tips as your dragon glass to slice through any obstacle to your dream job.